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The Gayatri Co-Operative Urban Bank Ltd., Jagtial, Dist:Jagtial (TS) established in 2000 year as a Unit Bank at Jagtial in combined Andhra Pradesh at that time, present Telangana State. The Bank has started functioning from 11-09-2000 with RBI License No.UBD/HYD/AP/26P/24-05-2000.

Initially we have started with Rs. 25,11,000/- share capital from 1008 members as a Unit Bank. 

The main objective of the Bank is to cater to the Banking needs of the poor, middle, rural, Semi Urban and Urban people and also take care of the banking needs of the business people through Quick, Prompt &Transparent services.

The situation, when we started the Bank, the general Co-operative Banking scenario has witnessed failure of many Co-operative banks and loose of faith in the system by public, who were not willing to patronage Co-operative Banks because of their past performance. Though we have witnesses such situation in our initial period of establishment, we with our sustained efforts and backed by good customer service could still create a name for ourselves in our Area of Operation.

For the first 8 years we had worked as only unit Bank. However with the liberalization of Branch Licensing policy of the RBI in 2008 Year, for Branch expansion in Co-Operative sector, which encouraged branch expansion for the performing Co-Operative Banks, we could get 2 Licenses for Opening of new branches during the Financial Year 2008-09,thereby increasing our strength to 3 Branches and so on.

We established as last Co-Operative Urban Bank in Combined Andhra Pradesh State,with in the span of 18 Years. we could reached to 2nd position based on our Business, among 52 Cooperative Urban Banks in Telangana, with our rich integrity, adherence to prudent banking practices, technology advancement, customized products and services. 

Beginning Thursday, Our bank branches across Telangana will remain open for four hours, from 8 am to 2 noon.